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Shadow Work with the Tarot

at the 2020 Oregon Ghost Conference


Jason Masuoka


Sunday, March 29th




Seaside Conference Center




Class Description 

         This class is based on the teachings of renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Jung describes the shadow as the part of us that has been hidden from society due to physical or mental trauma throughout our lives. We begin to learn that parts of us are deemed unacceptable by our parents, teachers, mentors or society at large. Those parts of us take up residence in our subconscious. When this shadow-self becomes too large, it overtakes our conscious life and begins to manifest in undesirable ways.

This class is designed to use the Tarot to help us find those hidden parts of ourselves and to heal and integrate those parts back into our conscious selves. 

You will learn;

How to evaluate the size of your shadow, and what that means.

The basics of Tarot, and how to use its symbology.

How to use Tarot to uncover parts of your shadow.

How to heal and integrate those parts if it serves you.

Without integrating our shadow, we are only living our life at half of its capacity. Some of the positive aspects which we have unconsciously hidden in our shadow are ambition, strength, vulnerability, empathy and compassion, as well as many other valuable aspects or our true selves. The Tarot is a practical and useful tool for this life-long practice of self-healing and reintegration. 

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